The Museum in honor of the memory of Nazism victims


In the Year of memory and glory, the Military-medical Museum – the Museum of Russian medicine and the military-medical service – opens the Museum in honor of the memory of Nazism victims, which is designed to prevent the falsification of history and to form an idea of the events of World War II, the leading role of the Soviet Union and the Red Army in the Victory over Nazism among the residents and guests of St. Petersburg.


The military-medical Museum is a repository of documents that not only reflect the horror of everyday life in Nazi concentration camps, but also tell stories of the unparalleled struggle and feats of many prisoners. The exhibition is based on the materials of the Extraordinary State Commission for the establishment and investigation of the atrocities of the German-fascist invaders and their accomplices and the damage caused by them to citizens, collective farms, public organizations, state enterprises and institutions of the USSR (ESC), as well as on the materials of the Nuremberg trials, which were transferred after its completion to the military-medical Museum.


The exhibition tells about the conditions the prisoners of concentration camps lived in, what was the life of women and children prisoners. Special attention is paid to medicine in Nazi concentration camps, including medical experiments and mass destruction of people. The Museum in honor of the memory of Nazism victims is a testimony to the long-term scientific study and comprehension of the history of the Second World War by the staff of the military-medical Museum. The Museum's exposition uses modern art tools: a dynamic composition on the theme of Psalm 87, a sculpture composition "Remember the shadow" by artist Igor Baskin, author's posters by Sergei Veprev, and performances by the «Niti» theater.


Individual visits are possible on Saturday and Sunday for sessions at 01:00 p.m. and 03:00 p.m. . The number of individual visitors - up to 15 people per session. Groups are formed at the Museum's ticket office no later than 5 minutes before the start of the session. Visitors are allowed to pass by using entrance tickets. The visit is accompanied by a guide. On weekdays, it is only possible for a group visit (a group of up to 15 people) by appointment by phone 8-812-952-55-43, 8-921-952-55-43. Cost for the group: 1500 rubles and entrance tickets. Ticket price: for preferential categories of citizens of the Russian Federation, CIS countries and the EEU 100 rubles; for citizens of the Russian Federation, CIS countries and the EEU 200 rubles; for foreign citizens 300 rubles.


The Museum is part of the permanent exhibition of the Museum.