The Military - Medical Museum - The Museum of Russian Medicine and the Military Medical Service is the national pride of Russia and an authentic temple to of the history of medicine and its outstanding representatives. This is a unique cultural object of federal level and international significance, which has no equals in Russia.


The museum is located in the historical center of St. Petersburg on the territory and in the buildings of the former Semenovsky life guard Regiment The collection of the museum originates from the first medical collections of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union The museum is one of the largest wealth funds in the world (more than 450 thousand exhibits), reflecting the main stages of the formation and development of Russian medicine and the contribution of its outstanding representatives to the world treasury of science.


The museum was established on November 12, 1942 in Moscow, and three years later it was transferred to Leningrad. It contains works of fine arts, a collection of medical instruments, medicines, civilian and military medical uniforms, military-medical supplies, decrees, atlases, medical books, more than 300 personal funds of famous medical and natural scientists, including S.P. Botkin, I.I. Mechnikov, I.P. Pavlova¸ N.I. Pirogova, I.M. Sechenov and others, as well as an extensive photo library. The museum presents: paintings by famous artists V.L. Borovikovsky, I.E. Repin, works of outstanding sculptors M.K. Anikushina, M.M. Antokolsky, V.I. Mukhina; (G. Bidloo’s "Anatomical Atlas"), which studied the first Russian doctors of the XVIII century. etc.


Today the museum has an exposition “Medicine of Russia and St. Petersburg”, a permanent exhibition “The Humane Arms of Victory”, which is dedicated to the devoted work of Soviet military physicians during the Great Patriotic War.


There is also a Children's Center. The museum has repeatedly won in a number of nominations of major Russian and international projects - the "Intermuseum" festival, the "Museum Olympus" competition, etc. The Military Medical Museum is a regular participant in the "Night of Museums", "Children's Days in St. Petersburg", etc.


The museum creates relevant and resonant exhibition projects in Russia and abroad. Among them are “Between Life and Death”, “Anatomical Theater”, “And coldly shakes the plague ...” and others. The multimedia projects of the museum, which reveal the richness of its collection, which make it accessible to all who are interested in it outside the museum, cause a special interest from Internet users.


The museum has a whole range of programs designed for children and school audiences (the programs "Entertaining medicine", "Entertaining anatomy"), focused on the patriotic education of the younger generation (quest "Get to Berlin", the program "Blockade Christmas tree", "The war-affected сhildhood”). The regular visitors to the museum are pupils of military schools, representatives of patriotic social movements, etc.


The Military Medical Museum is focused on working with military personnel and members of their families, referring to the pages of the history of the Fatherland. It helps to form a positive image of the Defender of the Fatherland, promotes the ideals of mercy and humanism, as well as devotion to traditions.


With the help of the museum, the Regional Public Organization "St. Petersburg Scientific Society of Historians of Medicine" is working. The museum is a member of the Union of Museums of Russia, the Russian Committee of the International Council of Museums, the International Committee of the Museum of Arms and Military History, the European Association of Museums of the History of Medical Science, etc.


President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin thanked the staff of the Military Medical Museum of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation for their great contribution to the development of museum business and the preservation of the historical traditions of Russian medicine.